William Eckhardt Research Center (ERC)

5640 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637

The Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME) is housed in a new state-of-the art facility on the west side of Ellis Avenue between 56th and 57th Street, called the William Eckhardt Research Center (ERC). The ERC opened officially in October 2015.

The floor plan, featuring 265,000 square feet distributed across seven floors, provides ample space to accommodate IME faculty members, along with students, staff, and affiliated researchers. IME shares the Eckhardt Center with colleagues in the Physical Sciences Division and will also benefit from the close proximity with the Biological Sciences Division in the Gordon Center for Integrative Science as well as the University of Chicago Medicine to consult and collaborate as partners. Cutting-edge clean rooms and molecular imaging facilities will be located on the lower level.

Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility

5640 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility provides a unique location for researchers and engineers to pursue nanoscale fabrication in a brand new, 10,000 square foot class 100/class 1000 facility on the University of Chicago campus. Located in the lower level one (LL1) of the William Eckhardt Research Center, this facility includes a full suite of optical and electron beam lithography tools; physical vapor deposition tools including electron beam evaporators and sputter systems; atomic layer deposition; plasma etching tools using both fluorine and chlorine-based chemistries; tube furnaces for nitride and oxide growth as well as annealing; and wet benches to accommodate most wet processing needs.

Inspection and characterization tools include scanning electron as well as advanced optical microscopy, profilometry, ellipsometry, and thin-film interferometry. Some packaging and test and measurement tools are also available, including a probe station and a dicing saw.

Please contact administrator@pnf.uchicago.edu if you have questions or need more information. 

Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE)

1452 and 1463 E 53rd Street (IME office at 1463 E 53rd St), 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60615

The Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) is the University of Chicago’s center to help scholars and entrepreneurs translate their ideas and new technologies into start-up businesses and products. The CIE provides space for proof-of-concept work, business incubation, collaboration opportunities, and programming for new ventures created by UChicago faculty, students, and staff, as well as local community entrepreneurs.

At the Doerr Lab and Building within the CIE, IME occupies one dedicated office and rents additional incubator space in the building. The new offices at Doerr Lab enable faculty, staff, researchers, and students more direct communication and interaction with CIE staff and the University of Chicago entrepreneurial community. Additionally, the Doerr Lab is the new home of IME’s Innovation and Commercialization Fellows Program (ICFP). A program unique to IME, the student-founded and student-run ICFP was created to connect people within IME to the University of Chicago’s greater innovation ecosystem, including the CIE, and to funnel IME discoveries and inventions into the commercialization pipeline.

Zuckerberg Institute of Water Research

The Zuckerberg Institute of Water Research (ZIWR) was founded in January 2002 within the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, at the Sede Boqer Campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne is home to five national user facilities, which allow scientific users from universities, national laboratories, and the industry to carry out experiments and pursue groundbreaking discoveries that would otherwise not be possible. These facilities are:


ChemMatCARS operates three experimental stations in the areas of advanced small-molecule crystallography, liquid surface and interface scattering, and ultra-small to wide-angle scattering at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), the premier undulator-based synchrotron source of high-brilliance high-energy x-rays in the U.S.A. The instrumentation at ChemMatCARS provides information that addresses a broad range of issues in chemistry and materials research.