CHICAGO, Illinois (February 5, 2018) – Today, Current launched its first technology demonstration project in partnership with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD). The project will test San Francisco Bay Area-based Microvi’s MicroNiche™ Engineering (MNE) technology. This innovative technology uses densely packed natural microorganisms to efficiently treat used water and remove organics, ammonia and phosphorus, nutrients that in large quantities can harm water quality.


Current, a Chicago-based non-profit, is assisting the MWRD in evaluating the technical and economic merits of Microvi’s MNE technology as part of Current’s newly-launched technology demonstration program. Through its validation and demonstration services, Current delivers market-driven innovations by bridging gaps in water technology commercialization.


“MWRD’s partnership with Current creates valuable opportunities to pilot innovative technologies like Microvi’s MNE,” said MWRD Board President Mariyana Spyropoulos. “As our innovation partner, Current streamlines MWRD’s efforts to find new technologies that improve operations, boost efficiency and enhance sustainability.”


Microvi’s MNE technology will be piloted at the MWRD’s O'Brien Water Reclamation Plant in Skokie, Illinois where its compact design can fit within the plant’s space-constraints.


Current reduces technology risk and helps utilities, industry and investors source promising innovations,” said Current Executive Director Steve Frenkel. “This project marks our inaugural effort to create value for innovators and end-users in the water and wastewater industry through our tech-to-market platform that spans early-stage innovation to full commercialization.”


Microvi’s MNE technology uses an engineered polymer-biological composite to optimize the performance of water and wastewater treatment and other biochemical processes.


“Our water treatment solution is a low-cost and small-footprint system that promises to bring important benefits to MWRD,” said Microvi CEO Fatemeh Shirazi. “Current’s technical and economic analysis of the MicroNiche™ Engineering technology helped MWRD see the potential value for their operations and identified key factors to help optimize the performance of Microvi’s MNE Technology when deployed at full-scale.”


Current is seeking innovative solutions for utility and industrial applications from companies worldwide. Current launched in 2016 as a partnership of the MWRD, the City of Chicago, and World Business Chicago.





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Allison Fore

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago



Ameen Razavi

Microvi Biotech Inc.