Issues surrounding water are complex – from water availability to quality, treatment, costs and rights. The ABC Collaborative will focus on game-changing science and engineering solutions that are driven by current technology gaps in the marketplace in order to deliver need-based and market-based solutions to end-users, for deployment in Chicago, in Israel and around the world.

Through partnership with industry, governments and municipalities, and the agricultural sector, we will create a Collaboration Forum – a forum for the exchange of ideas where practitioners and industry experts come together with scientists and engineers to identify the most pressing technological gaps, and explore innovative solutions with cutting-edge science and engineering at the core. We will jointly undertake an effort to identify and collaborate on basic scientific studies of physical, chemical and biological manifestations of important and unique aspects of water and aqueous media.

To further foster a collaborative and innovative environment. The IME will provide dedicated collaboration space at the Chicago Innovation Exchange for visiting researchers and collaborators. The University of Chicago already has nine letters of support, some coming with financial commitments for the launching of such collaborative action. The idea, expressed in the schematic below, is that, based on the three current pillars of the ABC Collaborative, we begin to establish broader connectivity with industry, agriculture, agencies and NGOs. In so doing, we will grow the level of activity in our home institutions and broaden our technological impact.