To develop a tool to diagnose, predict, and give guidance for prevention and control of membrane biofouling

Technical Approach

  1. Metagenomics of fouled membranes
  2. Modeling biofouling mechanisms
  3. Development of new anti-fouling membrane surface


  • Prepared patterned membrane surfaces using newly developed 3D printing techniques.
  • Performance testing showed fouling dependence on pattern type. Hydrophillic stripes parallel to water flow gave the least membrane fouling compared with perpendicular stripes, or control membranes.
  • Fouling depended more on pattern type, and less on coating composition.
  • Developed methods/protocols for metagenomic sampling on ultrafiltration water purification membranes.
  • Metagenomic testing of fouled membranes and model development.

Impact (as of end 2015):

  • Developed novel membrane modification procedure using patterned UV light from 3D printer
  • Established fouling protocol, and metagenomic sampling techniques
  • Three poster presentations: 1) Water-Energy  at international conference (Meltem, Argonne) 2) Int’l Conf. on Desalination using Membrane Technology (Chris, BGU) 3) Watec, Tel Aviv (Chris, BGU) (*winner best poster $310)
  • Three oral presentations at conferences: 1) Euromembrane, Sept. 6-10th 2015, Aachen, Germany (Chris, BGU). 2) Israeli Polymer and Plastics Society 44th meeting, Dec. 13th 2015, Jerusalem, Israel (Chris, BGU). 3) Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology retreat Aug. 28th, 2015, USA (Mel Dsouza: post doc UofC)
  • One manuscript in preparation
  • Seminar given at Argonne by Chris (2014)
  • BGU-Argonne student exchange (BGU post-doc performed 6 weeks research activities at Argonne) (2014)